1. Sunday September 7th 2014 we went out to Hastings Race Course 

    It was a very good day.

  2. Morning commute.

  3. More cute dogs hanging out near the beach

  4. Dog on the beach

  5. sunflower-mama:




    i’ve found my favourite 


    how true

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  6. rewfoe:


    I’m on day 24 of my 100 day project. It’s called Vonandalous Alchneminan: The Space Station of the Seven Stars.

    It is about a strange space station where some questionable and bizarre things are going on.

    Every day I’m writing a new section of the story, read it HERE you won’t be disappointed!



  7. Summer Storms, beautiful oranges and reds in Pitt Meadows BC Canada

  8. Sometimes you find a location to shoot and you get a wide variety of colours


  9. 1 Year


    Its been a year for Ogmundson Stories, take a read.

    Originally posted on ogmundsonstories:

    Its been a full year of stories!  Thank you to all the contributors to our little site.  It has exceeded my expectations.  I think we have all enjoyed tapping into our story telling talents.  The writing has been fun, the reading even more so.  We have 80 funny, touching and interesting…

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  10. True Stories